Stuck in Fear?

When it comes to looking for your passion, most people get stuck in FEAR – fear of what they call reality. What they don’t see    possibilities!

In working with many of my clients who are unhappy in their jobs or have been just laid off, most all of them say, “I want to find my passion – do something meaningful.” So, I provide them with a discovery process and usually a few things will pop up that they would really love to do.

 This happened recently to several clients (it must have been a moon phase or something since there were so many at one time). So we discussed what they had uncovered / discovered about their passion – what they would love to do if Time / Money / Skill didn’t play any factor. We finished up our session with “homework” for them to do further research and as happens more often than not, in several situations I received an email a few days later saying something like this: “I loved coming up with these ideas, BUT in REALITY (caps are mine) this just won’t work.”

 What that says to me is, “I am scared to change. I am afraid to take a risk – even one that I carefully plan.” Why? is my question and their answer has a lot of words that talk about security and reality . Yes, it is my job (that’s why people hire me) to push them out of their comfort zone and provide them with a safe place to explore, yet in some cases they are not willing to play and they will usually not extend the program to further uncover / discover / plan at new phase.

 Interestingly, the statistic that approximately 80% of Americans do not like their job hasn’t changed since 1927 when Napoleon Hill published Law of Success which was published prior to his more famously known – Think and Grow Rich. Hill had interviewed 1000 people and that is what his statistics showed – recent polls show about the same number of 80%.

Much of what holds us back is our negative mind chatter. As I reference in my book The Chatter that Matters . . . Your Words ARE Your Power, “you are what you think about whether you like it or not.” And when you are stuck, it is your mind chatter that will determine a positive or negative outcome.

 The main point I want to get across is – DO NOT spend your whole life doing work that you don’t find pleasure in – it’s like selling your soul and it will catch up with you in more ways than you think. Such as: heart problems (yeah, they will tell you it’s caused by your food, lack of exercise), hypertension – (yes, that stress – where do you think that comes from?), and obesity – most people eat for comfort. Working too many hours without joy drains your body | mind | spirit = YOU!!!

 If you have difficulty figuring out what your passion is, call me, lets talk. And once you discover it, then create a plan on how it will produce income or find an organization where you can do what creates joy in your life.

 An important note – if you are a parent, remember that you are a role model, you show your children that you are settling for being less than you could be. Is that what you want them to do?

Yes, that’s harsh, yet it IS the truth.

 Do your best to find some aspect of fun, joy or reward in your job / career other than the paycheck you bring home – you won’t regret it.

always remember, Your Chatter Matters

Here’s a little more:  Stuck in Fear?

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